Established in 1958

Phil Hussey & Gordon Hilton
The North Berwick Historical Society was established on April 30, 1958 by local residents under the leadership of Philip Hussey (on left) and Gordon Hilton (on right). This visionary group realized that the interesting history of North Berwick was worth preserving and enjoying.

Since its founding, the society has acquired and preserved three of our town’s significant historic structures; the Oakwoods Meeting House, the Morrell-Sherburne House, and the Museum of Businesses. In addition to these important sites, the society has acquired a parcel of land on Old County Road named the Parish of Unity Park, in commemoration of our earliest Scottish settlers brought here by the ship Unity. The Morrell-Sherburne House was relocated to the park in 1991.

An Association of Volunteers

The society is an association of volunteers which has grown steadily over the years and provides educational information and opportunities to the people of Southern Maine and beyond. In addition to the sponsorship of hundreds of programs and the maintenance of an expanding archival collection, the society has published a series of historical pamphlets about North Berwick and some of its notable citizens.

The NBHS Directors and Officers:
Nancy Guptill, President
Tom Wellwood, Vice-President
Amelia Small, Treasurer
Cindy Young-Gomes, Secretary
Julie Murray
Barbara Fitzmaurice
Anita Johnson
Mike Johnson
Melissa Johnson-Pierce
Jennifer Wellwood
Rick Cordier
Karen Cordier

Of Counsel
Wayne T. Adams, Esq.

Directors Emeritus
Betty Hall

The Mission of the Society is :

To collect, preserve, care for, study, interpret, and display written and ephemeral artifacts significant to the North Berwick region.

To protect local architecture of historical importance.

To promote and disseminate historical knowledge to society members, the general public, local residents, schools, researchers, and historians.