Judy Calise will give a presentation about the wonderful tour she took that was inspired by the book “New England Captives Carried To Canada” at the Morrell-Sherburne House at 7 pm. Being curious in finding out what happened to her own ancestor that was captured by the Indians, she and her group, led by Donald Friary, a retired curator of the Deerfield MA Museum and Historical Society, toured several areas in Canada including Montreal, Quebec and several Indian Reservations.
Judy will also show a tablecloth that is about 210 years old. It was woven by Susan Heard around 1810 from flax grown on her father’s farm in Beech Ridge. Her father prepared the flax and Susan made it into thread on a flax wheel and then wove the thread into a cloth that is still in beautiful condition.
Judy will have material on hand for anyone that is searching for any of their ancestors to see if they were captives. If anyone would like to check beforehand, feel free to email her at judycalise1@yahoo.com.

Judy Calise 4

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